Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Members/Fitness Instructor agreement

The Fitness Instructors will use their skills and knowledge to design a safe programme of exercise that will take into account everyone’s goals, fitness levels and exercise likes and dislikes.If required by the group fitness Instructor will provide all necessary equipment and will organise appropriate venues for all training sessions. Our fitness walks, Zumba and Bounce and burn are done outside depending on the weather.

All Members information will be kept strictly private and confidential. If the trainer requires further medical information from a practitioner, the client must provide such details. The client is required to wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Clothes should be loose fitting and non-restrictive. Footwear should be comfortable and provide adequate support.


You will in no way hold Walking Workout With A Difference CIC Fitness Instructors/ Personal Training or your trainers liable for any injuries, illness or death.You also agree that you have no undisclosed injury or illness that may affect your ability to undertake rigorous exercise and to the best of your knowledge you are ready and able to undertake this exercise program.

Walking Workout With A Difference CIC requires a letter of ‘medical clearance’ from your GP. If any members has any chronic illness and on medication.
Incidents must be reported

To Fitness Instructors, and to the volunteer teams in the event of an incident. Relevant data is collected by the volunteers and uploaded directly or via email to our secure online incident reporting system. In some cases staff add to this data through the process of following-up on incidents.


Must not sell their any fitness services to the group without going through the procedure of the WALKING WORKOUT WITH A DIFFERENCE CIC. Other wise the volunteer will be remove from the group.

Fee Charging Policy

Block bookings must be paid for in advance BUT sessions do not have to be booked in advance.

All monies paid are non-refundable.

Face Book Rules & Regulations

YOU ARE NOW PART OF A DYNAMIC, EXCITING, FRIENDLY, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY HONEST AND HELPFUL WALKING WORKOUT WITH A DIFFERENCE CIC COMMUNITY GROUP IN JOINING THIS COMMUNITY WE ASK THAT YOU HELP US TO KEEP IT THAT WAY. TO KEEP IT A PLACE WHERE REAL PEOPLE CAN FIND TRUSTED, HONEST AND REAL RECOMMENDATIONS, WE HAVE SOME REALLY SIMPLE RULES AND ASK ALL OF OUR MEMBERS TO STICK TO THEM, AND TO REPORT THOSE WHO DON’T. WALKING WORKOUT WITH A DIFFERENCE CIC , posts that get the group excited are; honest, positive; passionate; and relevant. Remember – A picture speaks a thousand words – keep it sharp, snappy and on point. And give us a great image! DO NOT Self Promote, affiliate promote, spam or insert clickbait into threads. Member that is in the group and decided to go off and open their own WALKING GROUP WILL BE REMOVE AND NOT ALLOWED TO ATTEND ANY OF THE EVENTS. No cold private messaging or soliciting without consent of the person. WATCH OUT We don’t want to have to remove you. Yes it does happen. Stick to the rules and you won’t be one of the unfortunate ones. WATCH OUT We don’t want to have to remove you. Yes it does happen. Stick to the rules and you won’t be one of the unfortunate ones.